As a little girl, I relished stories – picture books and piles of novels, my grandparents’ tales around the table. I knew then, as now, that stories are one of life’s most profound ways to understand love, grab hold of deeper truths and recognize our common ground.

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When grace is a hammock

Currently our thermostat reads 84 degrees. It could be worse. Outside, the temperature has risen to 102 -- more than a bit jarring to our Northwest sensibilities. Lala and a friend play store downstairs. When I bring them fruit and crackers, they tell me that someone...

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Ode to a tree

Horse chestnut trees are considered a nuisance. Ask anyone who's had one, and they can tell you why. Tell all about the seasons of fallen leaves, spike balls (conkers), sticky pollen pods and flowers smelling of slightly distant poopy diapers. Many of you have heard...

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The wardrobe and the storm

Thinking about the changes of middle age and the demands of a good life and a desire for energy to keep pressing to the center of things. Originally published February 6, 2014. She pushes past coats in the wardrobe, like Lucy seeking light from the lamp post that...

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 Today is this guy’s birthday and the first time we haven’t been able to spend one of our birthdays together in 21 years. ☹️ As Mike finally catches up to my age today (he’s six months younger and won’t EVER let me forget it), he is at an out-of-town work conference where he hasn’t let on to a soul that it’s his birthday. What?! This I don’t get. • I’m grateful we enjoyed an early morning family donut breakfast before he hit the road, but I’ve been missing him something terrible today — noticing once again all the ways he helps carry the load and how I carry things differently when he’s not around. And it’s just one day... I can’t even imagine. • Mike’s not Superman, but he certainly is a super man. He makes life lighter and sweeter and richer. And he makes all the food taste better. • (This selfie snapped on our way to a polo match this summer. That makes us sound way classier than we are.) • Happy birthday to my favorite, always.
 After 12 years as “Ms. Friday” at Morgan Davis Homes where I worked alongside my dear friends (including @seversonjenni, pictured), it’s time to say goodbye. I’m on to other adventures, but I sure will miss the greatest office job with the most fabulous of people. Thanks for always making me feel like a “Monday to Friday” girl, which is to say - a true part of the team. You’ve seen me through home moves, the mothering of babies, toddlers and teenagers, freelance writing and getting my feet under me as a spiritual director and public speaker. Through all kinds of unknowns and scary firsts, you have been a steady place of consistency and love for me. Thank you, friends! Here’s to Fridays! ❤️
 So incredibly grateful for this trip. To Glacier, then Yellowstone through the Tetons, to Pinedale, WY with our Williams family. Adventures, glorious beauty, laughs and a couple thousand miles. #summer2018
 Happy 20th anniversary, my love. Of all the memories of our wedding those many Aprils ago, this one stands out. With the swirl of activity around us, the feelings a stew within us — in this moment, you were calm for me. You held my back with your big mit of a hand and pressed your cheek close to mine and said, “I love you. We’re married now.” And perfectionism and worry and adrenaline stilled, and I breathed in peace. And then I glanced about the room at so many we loved and white tulips lit by candlelight and whispered, “Thank you.” We had no idea what we were saying yes to that night — not really. And yet I knew then, as now, that you were safe and good. A steady place. And you have always been, and I am grateful. I choose you and would again & again, and again some more. ❤️
 Yes, let it be so. Thank you, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Thank you @palakabrad. Love this.)
 Woman, you are fierce and courageous. #rosietheriveter #wecandoit #wecandohardthings #philippians4:13 #raisinggirls #mamasdressup
 "Practice" eggs. Two fit side by side in an egg cup. May we find grace for ourselves and others in humble beginnings like these. #lifelessonsfrombackyardchickens #payingattention
 When I hurt, I write. As our Columbia River Gorge burns... • • I imagine our collective tears dousing flames waves of sorrow sweeping across ridges and spilling over like thousands of waterfalls joining ancient ones who dance there

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