As a little girl, I relished stories – picture books and piles of novels, my grandparents’ tales around the table. I knew then, as now, that stories are one of life’s most profound ways to understand love, grab hold of deeper truths and recognize our common ground.

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Five Minute Friday: JOURNEY

  certainty is not our promise, rather knowing God is leading us somewhere, and it is good I say I believe, but do actions show otherwise, as I pull out a compass in disappointed frustration, an exasperated now what? trusting more in the fact that I'm owed...

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 Tromping through the snow with her people for birthday Little Big Burger. ❤❄
 Peppermint tea and The Oregon Trail Game on this family snow day. #youhavediedofdysentery #wevegotiteasy #kidsofthe80s #andkidsofthe00s
 These are the moments. ❤
 Though it shouldn't be, I find myself startled once again, in light of Scripture, how little depends on me. Yes, this stark contrast of God come down rears up against internal and outer scripts that insist otherwise. Yes, I've presents to wrap and gifts to check off the list, preparations to make and a tree to re-light. I don't read that God will do that. I have real choices to make about how I will live and love and care. But my true self -- and yours -- our real lives are found not when we do more or differently or better. Our true selves are found in beholding not ourselves, but the life in the manger: the Prince of Peace. Emanuel, God with Us. Oh, come. Let us adore Him. ••• (Reflections on another imperfect Christmas. Link to blog post in profile.)
 Aloha, Hawaii. Until we meet again. ❤️
 Time with these two. ❤️
 Whale sightings, rumors of sharks, boogie boarding and laughing to our hearts' content. ❤️ #family #larkiamstakemaui
 Christmas Maui style. (Left: Banyan tree square with lights, Lahaina; Right top: Hot on Santa's tail; Right bottom: Ukulele playing-singing trio) #larkiamstakemaui

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