As a little girl, I relished stories – picture books and piles of novels, my grandparents’ tales around the table. I knew then, as now, that stories are one of life’s most profound ways to understand love, grab hold of deeper truths and recognize our common ground.

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The breath catch of spring

One would be wise to notice the breath catch of spring not because it is revolutionary in the way of something never seen or thought before, but because it is the same as last March and the one before, what grace One would be wise to apply spring's wisdom to her own...

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Five Minute Friday: SLOW

every day i wake slow, gone the days of feet to floor with grand plans these are the days of ordinary and first things, a need for quiet i shuffle downstairs in my cozy wrap and wool slippers, our bed quilt thrown across my arm i start the day with two cups of french...

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Five Minute Friday: SAFE

Every pulse of my being desires to keep her safe. Draw her up close and not let go. Surround her with covers and the tenderness of my mama arms, stroking her tired head, rubbing her sore tummy in circles. I am still drunk on coziness, the wonder of stories read on...

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 Sometimes nothing says it quite like the way of a child. Before the rest of the house wakes, I read the account of Easter morning in the Jesus Storybook Bible: "And it seemed to [Mary Magdalene] that morning, as she ran, almost as if the whole world was singing for joy-- the trees, tiny sounds in the grass, the birds...her heart." The tomb is empty. Jesus is alive, and so are we. And it is new. Once again. Yes, it is always new...He is risen indeed!
 So grateful for these women I've known from 23 to 35 years (!!) They continue to amaze me with their growth, grace and lives of love. Such an honor to walk with them and share our annual girls' weekend together. Here's to many more years of stories, laughs, tears and homemade pumpkin bread.
 What love looks like on a Saturday morning. #theministryofmuffins #celebratingtheirparentsanniversary ❤
 My city girl in the country (with her uncle in the boots, learning to ride a quad). ❤
 There's nothing quite like the joy and inspiration of seeing your just turned 75-year-old father, (aka "Ziploc Baggie, aka "Zippy the Pinhead") zipping across ravines with an expression of pure joy. And then when the operator stops his final ride of the day just before landing and everyone gets to sing him happy birthday. It's then that tears form in your eyes as you see at once the freedom of youth and the deep roots of gratitude & a dear man having the time of his life. Love you so much, Papa. Happy birthday, Zippy! #zipforever #thesearethemoments
 Nineteen years ago, in the glow of candles and tulips, I married a babyfaced man with deep loyalty, wisdom and a love for things that matter. I cherished who he was then and who I sensed he was becoming, for he was unaffected by affect, unwavering in his fierce tenderness and commitment to matters of the heart, passionate about his love for free food and Neil Diamond. He's only become more eclectic and interesting, more handsome and compassionate, more responsive and responsible, more faithful and faith-filled, more hilarious and hopeful than he ever could have been in our youth. Our faces and bodies have changed; we've experienced unforeseen loss and heartache, unrestrained joy and quiet moments of beauty. Yes, there's something about the roots of long-time love. All the turns and twists, all the choices to still say yes and hold tight. It's something we never could have tapped as young 20's in an old church in Portland, who drove the wrong way down a one-way street after leaving a dessert reception and night of dancing. I couldn't be more grateful to navigate life, make mistakes and make up -- make a life together with you, Michael, incredible husband and father to our three shining girls. I love laughing and talking with you, dreaming and playing with you, snuggling and sitting with you, traveling and eating with you. Even when it's hard, it's still really really good. You have always been, and will always be, my favorite. ❤ #happyanniversarytous
 I scrawled these simple words on a Target Dollar Spot chalkboard for Valentines Day. I haven't erased them and don't know when I will. The phrase keeps catching my eye & causing me pause because, isn't this the point of it all? ❤
 Once upon a time we were babies. Seriously. Michael, here's to another Valentines Day, another marker of the many years we've shared. Another day filled with the ordinary we always wanted. Thank you for being consistent, faithful, wise and hilarious. Thank you for loving your girls in a way that makes them shine even brighter. I'm so grateful that we met as two fresh-faced teenagers all those years ago. I never could have imagined the joy and privilege of growing up with you. Sweetheart, you make me better in every way. Happy Valentines Day. ❤

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