As a little girl, I relished stories – picture books and piles of novels, my grandparents’ tales around the table. I knew then, as now, that stories are one of life’s most profound ways to understand love, grab hold of deeper truths and recognize our common ground.

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Five Minute Friday: TEST

In a week, we're presented with so many opportunities to live out what we believe. Or not. As I'm learning more all the time, some of the habituated responses in my own life make change difficult. My body responds by memory. I'm literally working to forge new paths...

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Five Minute Friday: COLLECT

We are on the third (or maybe fourth) leg of our afternoon school pick-up, which means "Lala," Clementine and I have been sitting in the minivan for a while now. Big sister "J" should arrive any moment with her middle school carpool. From our waiting spot, back at the...

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 Of course it's not possible to put an experience like this past week into words, but I know that I know I have seen a glimpse of God's glory and of the Rock that does not depend upon me -- this God who yet chooses to love me. And I've seen the power of community, of men and women loving one another imperfectly and yet so very well. I'm learning what it means to dance in freedom and in joy, never expecting it fully under the sun. #schoolofspiritualdirection #gleneyrie #community #solomama
 And then there are the people. Relishing new relationships and conversations that matter, along with ridiculous ice cream social shenanigans. (Top): my small group along with Dr. Larry Crabb, who insists we call him Larry; (bottom left): more of my small group and (bottom right): my dear roommate heart sister, Toni. So grateful. #schoolofspiritualdirection #gleneyrie #solomama #laughterhealstoo #andicecreamneverhurts
 "Everything will be happening at once -- and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I'll make everything right again for my people Israel." Amos 9:14 (MSG) #eternalperspective #iamlistening #solomama #gleneyrie #spirtudirectionprogram #pinchme
 In just one frame, God metaphors abound: Steady & Immovable Rock, Light of the World (see the streetlamp?), Tree of Life. #thepointofitall #spiritualdirectionprogram #gleneyrie #solomama #neveralone
 What grace to be in this glorious place, learning more about the deeper things of the soul, the hope of eternity and the dance of the Trinity. #gleneyrie #spiritualdirectionprogram #solomama #bighornsheep #immenselygrateful
 Most of the time we don't know exactly where we are headed, but we can recognize an adventure when we see one. Traveling the twists and turns of this one precious life. Grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow and listen. #gleneyrie #schoolofspiritualdirection #windswept #solomama #trustingtheOnewhoknows
 Headed out on a grand adventure. #ninedays #solomama #spiritualdirectionprogram #coloradobound
 I've been struggling with stress, control and all the feelings this week. How many times must I be reminded of my smallness and the goodness of fresh air in my lungs? (Oh yeah, that's right. Everyday, over and over and over again...) On fall storms and letting go. Full link to blog post in profile.

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