As a little girl, I relished stories – picture books and piles of novels, my grandparents’ tales around the table. I knew then, as now, that stories are one of life’s most profound ways to understand love, grab hold of deeper truths and recognize our common ground.

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Five Minute Friday: JOURNEY

  certainty is not our promise, rather knowing God is leading us somewhere, and it is good I say I believe, but do actions show otherwise, as I pull out a compass in disappointed frustration, an exasperated now what? trusting more in the fact that I'm owed...

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 I continue to be stunned by my kids' creativity (and perseverance). Meet the Candyland-style game, Emoji-thon. J and C worked on it for two days, and the five of us played together last night. At the end, "Happy for Life." And I won. #lovingmyactuallife
 On this day, I consider the service and sacrifice of generations of military men and women in defense of our country, and I say thank you. I also want to honor my papa (veteran Pete Clemente), Auntie Claudia Fowlkes and late Uncle Ralph R. Clemente on their 60th anniversary in the United States. On November 11, 1956, they arrived in NY after crossing the Atlantic from Germany. Proud, faithful Americans all. Also, on this day, we honor the memory of my late father-in-law --also a veteran -- Thomas Larkin, who I was only 2 months from meeting. He passed away from complications of leukemia in April, 1992. Today would have been his 76th birthday. Remembrance and honor today. ❤️
 Celebrating with my friend @dollymlee the release of her new book #7daysofsoulcare this week! After the last few days, I'm especially aware of both our need for soul care and deep sense of belonging & purpose in God.
 Do I say I believe in God's way, but show otherwise, pulling out a compass in disappointed frustration, an exasperated now what? Do I trust more that I'm owed direction? Better. Now. Challenging my attitudes on the journey. On the blog today, a Five Minute Friday poem. Link in profile. #gleneyrie
 "In the midst of the world's madness and mess-ups, in the midst of forgetting and falling short again in our treatment of one another, may we lay down rights to the easy life, picking up God's greater good -- His love without end, amen. May we remind each other and remember ourselves the good of growing -- be it ever so slowly -- in the ways of love. Struggling forward with you." #gleneyrie (Full post in profile.)
 Home sweet home. Filled up and so grateful to return after nine days.❤️ #cantwaittoseethem #solomama #viewfromtheplane #portlandinthefall #breathoffreshair
 Of course it's not possible to put an experience like this past week into words, but I know that I know I have seen a glimpse of God's glory and of the Rock that does not depend upon me -- this God who yet chooses to love me. And I've seen the power of community, of men and women loving one another imperfectly and yet so very well. I'm learning what it means to dance in freedom and in joy, never expecting it fully under the sun. #schoolofspiritualdirection #gleneyrie #community #solomama
 And then there are the people. Relishing new relationships and conversations that matter, along with ridiculous ice cream social shenanigans. (Top): my small group along with Dr. Larry Crabb, who insists we call him Larry; (bottom left): more of my small group and (bottom right): my dear roommate heart sister, Toni. So grateful. #schoolofspiritualdirection #gleneyrie #solomama #laughterhealstoo #andicecreamneverhurts

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