Yesterday, my littlest and I took a walk through our neighborhood, strolling under golden and ruby leaf canopies, down sidewalks of maple and elm.

We breathed the air deep. Thanked God for the blessing of these streets dripping color.

It was beautiful.

I wanted to take it home with me.

When I walked through the door, the snarl of scarves, hats and mittens created in the cold morning rush greeted us.

And it struck me so lovely.

Like knit leaves.

Fall wasn’t just living on the neighborhood trees or in the water-logged lichen  branches I’d left to dry on the front porch.

Fall color lived right here in this house. It had come home with us.

The autumn blessing dwelled in the living room on the pillows the girls had lined up on the rug:

Even in laundry piles I saw the scattered texture of patterned leaves:

Thank you, God, for color strewn about us in this place. Right here, right now.

During this season of thanks, what do you see right where you are that brings you unexpected joy?

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