This year, maybe even more than most, I want to linger in the pumpkin spice and autumn shades of Thanksgiving. I want to continue counting blessings that fall like leaves.

Often in these last November days, I feel a bit lost and confused. Seeing pumpkins on porches with Christmas trees glinting light through front windows has a way of doing that to a girl.

So before December 1st hits, when I will feel the urge to string garlands and crank up the Christmas tunes, I am going to take another look at the pile of gratitudes that filled this year’s thankfulness box.

Because what better way to enter into the season of giving than to recount the season of gratitude and the gifts of the Giver.

Some of my favorites from this year:

(I am thankful for my home, my family, my friends, the world)




family time

my sisters

playing games


rocking on the front porch in the cool morning air

books to read

chairs to comfortably sit on

Lala’s prayers

J’s toothless grin

Sici’s unstoppable-ness


our church family

toothpaste to clean my teeth

Thanksgiving with family

Mama is the best, and Papa is the best, and Sici is the best, and J is the best…and me!

a bed

God who made us

cozy socks



our fish

three sisters laughing in a chorus

I love honey

As we travel into this Christmas season, may we continue to taste the sweet and breathe deeply the smells that dwell in the land of gratitude.

Know the blessing, friends.

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