I am endlessly fascinated by how people come to be in the places they are.

I love a good story, a good journey.

Here’s a very little piece of mine: Two months ago, I embarked on this blogging venture and told three people. I felt terrified. Bit by bit, I gathered a little more courage, told a few more.

I am joined now by old and new friends, and I give thanks for this road and for you who pile into the back of the flatbed with me.

No matter what path you’ve taken to find yourself here.

Behind the scenes here at the ol’ blog, I can track how people wend their way to Draw Near. Sometimes it’s a six-degrees-of-separation kind of story. Other times, it’s the result of a Google search.

So regulars and prospective readers alike, won’t you join me for a moment on the twists and curves that have led a select few to this place?

Alright, imagine with me that your lovely daughter is soon to be wed, and you just can’t find the right outfit for the big day. Should you go with a cream suit? Perhaps a pearly pink dress with a bolero jacket. Wondering if there’s something you’ve missed close by, you type “mother of the bride dresses near [your town in], Georgia.”

Voila, Draw Near!

Maybe you’re looking for the first few lines of a favorite poem. You think it might begin, “They were in front of a big blue house,” and oh, here you are! Standing in front of a different blue house than the one you’d pictured, but it’s nice in its own way.

Perhaps you’re searching for more information about “Simon the Pharisee” or “living stones.” Or perhaps you’re interested in “joy jars” or “hot cocoa stands.” Why, hello there!

Type into your Google search “Pentecostal church pews,” “African marriages in church” or the mysteriously poetic “short grace grace,” and clearly, the destination is — wait for it — Draw Near!

On occasion, the unpredictable path that leads you here may prove fruitless. I will not likely be able to answer some of your burning queries about feet — either “incredible women feet” or the “number of feet to measure across a roller skating rink.”

So perhaps after a quick look-see you’ll be off on new paths. And that’s OK.

Though I sure would love if you found something else you enjoy on this leg of the journey and stay a while.

May all your weekend wanderings be blessed, dear friends.

Thank you for visiting!


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