When is a clean refrigerator ironic?

For those of you who’ve spent time in my house, I know you’ve met our fridge. She is, without a doubt, the messiest appliance in these parts. A dwelling place for finger prints, photos, art work, certificates, magnets, to-do lists. And that’s just the outside.

She holds an important role, to be sure. Displayer of things to remember and things not to forget. But even when the rest of my house is humming along rather nicely, my refrigerator is a disaster. Really, she is.

I do not exaggerate.

So when I returned home the other day and saw the glimmering Ms. Stainless, my mouth dropped open. Because since the time of her delivery from the appliance showroom, she has never ever looked like this.

Thanks to the removal of all the fridge stuff, the new appliance cleaner and the hubby’s elbow grease, she really does sparkle. She’s elegant.

So, in answer to my own question, when is a clean refrigerator ironic?

The answer: when the rest of your house looks like this…

And when Ms. Stainless’ usual accessories — pictures, reminders and watercolor art — patiently sit in bags awaiting their homecoming, the irony only thickens, or deepens, or whatever irony does. She looks ravishing, but she didn’t clean up after herself. She’s left all her old things behind.

So, shall I compromise her simple black dress and pearls beauty by doing her up again in all layers of costume jewelry finery?

Ah, Ms. Stainless, I’ve no idea. You are such a tease.

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