Hi, friends.

I have something to ask you, followed by something amazing for your efforts, and I do not exaggerate when I say so. This is a little outside the norm around here, but really worth it, so please stick around.

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Now here’s where it gets really good.

As you may have seen mentioned here before, my mama is the writer of an incredible blog called cooking-spree.com. For as long as I can remember, she’s possessed not only a great way with food and words, but also amazing skill behind the camera.

If you subscribe to Draw Near or “Like” Draw Near, or both, before next Wednesday, February 8th, you will be entered (one entry per person) to win a fantabulous prize – an oversized print of your choice of one of the following photos, taken by my multi-talented mama.

I selected these photos specifically because each helps me find a moment of pause to appreciate the beauty that lives real in this world. And I would love to imagine you enjoying this beauty in your own world.

Aren’t they exquisite?!

Two most fortunate winners will receive the print of their choosing as a result of random drawing — from a shoe, a hat, a bowl. I’ll come up with something classy.

So get subscribing or liking. If you’ve already subscribed or liked, please know how much I appreciate it.

I’ll have another giveaway soon that will include every single one of you’s.

Because every single one of you’s helps make what I do here so enjoyable — for me, that is.

And hopefully for you, too.

I can’t wait to see who wins.

Thank you for visiting!


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