My hubs and I love us some “Parenthood.”

But please, whatever you do, don’t tell us about 2012 Camille and Zeek (always “Coach” to me), or Crosby and Jasmine, or Sarah and the kids, or any of the rest of them because we were late to the party and find ourselves a good season or so behind.

We’ve yet to catch up, no matter how many episodes we fit into a night. Not that we’ve watched more than three at a sitting.

More than once. Or twice.

Can I tell you how much we love this show?

The characters, the dialogue. This extended family that laughs freely, plays together, eats big meals together and really knows one another. This family that counts on sister, brother, mom or dad to speak truth, to hold one up when the fall seems eminent.

These people struggle to commit to what matters. They grasp for courage. Sometimes, they don’t say the very thing they should and say the thing they shouldn’t.

These parents overwhelm their children with their own emotions, become single-focused and miss the big picture.

These parents fiercely love their kids, ignore their kids, mess up their kids and ask forgiveness.

And I relate, oh how I relate, and I love them because they’re like us. Then, sometimes, I get sick of their weakness and want them to get over themselves already, and I yell at them through the screen.

But I love them, so I forgive them.

It’s what we do in families, right?

Today, my brain feels like overdone mush, full as it’s been with thinking — too much thinking, make it stop — activity and conversation, scheduling and life. Just life.

So tonight, I’m hoping for a good old-fashioned veg with the hubs, iPad streaming Netflix, shared looks and knowing hand squeezes, a Kahlua and cream and a few tears. (I won’t tell you which of us is most likely to cry at the joys and trials of the Braverman family.)

I want a good story, to enter life with characters I care about. I want to relate to other people’s junk and know (that if they were real) they’d be able to relate to mine.

It’s what I always want, really.

To be a good parent, a good woman, a good sister, a good friend. To create a good family with its own unique mess of beautiful. To live a good story.

And tonight, I expect it will feel mighty nice to watch someone else do that for a while.

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