Today, may you know the light that dwells inside you and those you choose to love.

May you know it.

Today, may you imagine the light that dwells inside the total stranger and the one you don’t want to forgive.

May you imagine it.

Today, may you seek the Light shine. Eyes, ears, gut, very hope longing for it. And when you search,

may you find it in all its round, shiny

small-flamed beauty, glowing from a cracked lantern.


Remember that you have until 11:59 PST tonight (how’s that for official?) to subscribe to Draw Near or “Like” Draw Near on Facebook for your chance to win one of four beautiful prints, courtesy of my mama (aka Spree of To see more information on the drawing and the gorgeous photos themselves, see this. Also don’t forget that if you’ve already been a liker or follower (I still can’t get over those bizarre terms), there will be an equally fab contest to include you soon.

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