Sometimes life moves so fast, and I can’t slow it. And my life holds no margins, and I am racing.

So behind, and the day’s just started.

It feels painful discipline, but I sit on the couch, and I breathe to slow it.

I breathe to slow it.

Mind whirs and heart races, but breathing begins the slow.

Windows frame tree branch silhouettes against sky that begins to fill with light — it is filling — and I look at the dark and light and how beautiful they are, side by side.

How this dark makes the light lighter.

In my neighborhood, on my street, on this coast, bands of dripping color embrace rooftops, treetops, this sky, and the sun begins its rise.

It is so juicy, and I am tasting the slow, knowing this abiding love and its be still, be still.

Prayers whisper wrap me, calm me.

Let go and stop the race and be held by these swaths of sherbet and jewel-colored fabric, these love arms. Receive this sky dripping nectar.

I’m singing fill me, still me, hold me.

I’m singing with the sky.

This piece is a free-writing exercise for a Tuesday feature called “Just Write,” hosted on The Extraordinary Ordinary. I participate on Tuesdays whenever the mood strikes.

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