“Most of us have been given many more blessings than we have received. We do not take time to be blessed or make the space for it. We may have filled our lives so full of other things that we have no room to receive our blessings. One of my patients once told me that she has an image of us all being circled by our blessings, sometimes for years, like airplanes in a holding pattern at an airport, stacked up with no place to land. Waiting for a moment of our time, our attention.”

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., My Grandfather’s Blessings 


This weekend may you make room to

receive your blessings,

the soft-handed ones,

the flowering ones, the peeking blue sky ones,

the bike on pavement, ball in field ones,

the food filling your belly and water satiating your thirst ones,

the soft bed ones.

May you let laughter soak you

and silence be gift unfilled

with noise and pixillated distractions.

May you release expectations of what blessings look

and smell and taste like,

so you can hold in your eyes, your mouth, your nose

these blessings,

falling around you like spring snow.

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