You are loved, and that changes everything.

You often forget, and you try to earn it because somewhere back there you lost sight of that truth. The truth which gives you wings and feet at once.

During these forgetting times, you exchange graced love for deep cavern mining, and you attempt pounding love together from the pieces you dredge because you’re trying to earn it, and you want something good to share for all your efforts.

You make words and gesture and gifts (and yourself tired, trying).

Sometimes you step back and see clearly the beauty of what you’ve made, and this is grace. Sometimes others notice, even thank you. Again, grace.

Please keep making and doing with your love because love is nothing if not active (both the giving and receiving).

But left only to our own pounding, we feel the empty, and the work clinks like metal point on rock, and no matter what we excavate from deep explorations, we cannot gather up enough to keep making love gifts.

So please know the Love that is. From the beginning to the end is, unchanging. The Love that longs to fill you and continue filling to overflow.

Like spontaneous song.

Like thankfulness.

Like gurgling brook and water running down smoothed rock.

Like trees bursting color and raining spring blossom.

Look up and see those flowers swirling around you, and watch as one pink treasure gently lands in your open palm.

Hold, smell deeply. Remember and receive the love right where you stand.

Then, share it.

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