We all hold truths tucked inside.

Reminders we put on labeled shelves up and out of the way because they can be so inconvenient, in the way of the doing we want to be doing.

These are often truths won through battle, embracing empty places and receiving the sacred more.

These are truths that keep us focused on the right path. The path that gives life, reminds of hope and peace.

For me, the basic truths include:

Be kind to yourself in your thoughts and actions.

Remember you cannot do or be everything. (This is as it should be.)


Cling to the truth that God cares more for you than you can imagine.

Receive God’s love.

Open yourself to share blessing.

Give thanks.

The simple truths are not meant to be a litany of do’s. Instead, they help guide us on the path of be’s.

What have you won in ways hard-fought? In this moment, on this day, what are the simple (different than easy) truths you need to remember?

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