Every day I get schooled by children.

Deep-thinking, long-loving, big-living, wide-hugging, free-smiling children. Some of this week’s highlights:

Share, even if you think someone doesn’t deserve it. That’s grace.

Yesterday in Lala’s one-day-a-week preschool class, a strong and determined girl with long dark hair built a purple snowman with three huge balls of Play-Doh. Three other children sat at the table with small lumps of dough and used cookie cutters to make tiny stars and puppies. The strong girl looked up from her abominable snowman to Lala and me and said, “I want more. Give me some of yours.”

I explained that she had a lot already, that the three other children at the table had only small portions, and we needed to share. At that point, a little boy pulled from his mound a chunk of Play-Doh and passed it down to the girl. Then Lala took a piece from one of her stars and gently placed it in front of the girl with the big snowman.

“Thank you,” she said. All four children smiled.

Remain teachable and flexible. Maybe something you don’t like now could become a most favorite.

(This part of Sici’s Mother’s Day letter reads: “I was having trouble doing long division, I thought I could do it Mr. _____’s way, but for the tired state I was in it was mind-boggling. You helped me and I ended up doing only one wrong. Now long devision is my version of doodling! Thank you for helping me and teaching me for 10 years. Love you…”)

Maintain openness to the possibilities. Don’t fear tomorrow.

Yesterday’s conversation with Lala:

Lala: I only like Wednesdays and Fridays and Christmas.
Me: What about your birthday?
Lala: I like my birthday?
Me: What about Easter?
Lala: I love Easter!
Me: What about Thanksgiving, Halloween and Mother’s Day?
Lala: I like all of those. I don’t like Mondays, but I always like tomorrows.
Me: So what if tomorrow is a Monday?
Lala: Then I like it.

You can never tell someone too much that you love them.

(J spelled out love with each letter of the word MOTHERS. This part reads, “Every day I love you. Really I love you. So any day I love you!”)

Love can be both practical and thoughtful. And sometimes, it’s magenta.

J said she’ll be knitting it for me herself.

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