They sleep under the canopy of one bedroom ceiling now, and so before I head to bed each night, I enter through one door to give kisses on cheeks and climb a ladder too small for my feet to pray for love and grace and strength for the three.

A few nights ago, upon returning from our time with family, the girls entered their bedroom to see the much-awaited bunk beds, and they squealed and jumped (10 1/2 year old Sici more than any), amazed that their papa had done all this without them knowing.

They have so badly wanted to share a sleeping room and turn Lala’s bedroom into a reading space, and so while we were away, Michael picked up the bunks from friends who no longer needed them, assembled them and somehow fit in the painting of four coats of white over bright blue and green in less than 72 hours while working full days at the office.

He stayed up late nights and woke early mornings to finish the job, texting me cell phone pictures (seen here) of his progress along the way. He put brush to board over and over again, this handyman who’s done nearly every home improvement project in our houses, but disdains painting.

He made the beds with quilts and waited on the front porch for us to come home.

And to see him watch the girls’ discovery of their room — one of my favorite moments of the summer.

Lala has never been the easiest of sleepers, waking earlier than the rest to find someone to be with, but these last nights, she’s slept sound and long into the morning, at gentle ease being in her sisters’ presence.

Yesterday, the girls and I spent a good chunk of the morning moving clothes, shuffling things about, dreaming decor and taking turns with the label maker to make space for the sleeping and dressing that will be the primary activities of this room.

If you don’t count the daytime nesting under the planks and plaster.

Or J’s donkey kicks and bounces on Lala’s bottom bunk while holding onto her bunk’s rails (and the pops of Lala good on the side of the face).

Summer days, young days are moving too fast, and so I’m grateful that right now the girls want to share the last moments of one day and the first of the next with one another — Sici nestled in her reading pillow on her twin bed, J and Lala stacked tall.

It’s good to be together. It’s good to be connected. It’s good to see love spelled out in paint. It’s good to fall asleep to the voice of somebody you love.

Today, as I do many Tuesdays, I’m linking up with “Just Write” (an exercise in free writing everyday moments), at The Extraordinary Ordinary.

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