Five Minute Friday
Once again, I’m meeting up with the community of Five Minute Friday at the Gypsy Mama for some free writing fun. I’m liking this. Here are the rules: follow the prompt, no extreme editing, write for five minutes flat and encourage the person who linked up just before you.

Today’s word is JOIN.


We trek to the semi-wild together each year to breathe
the ocean,
hold hands to the heat, share meals
around the fire.

We are singles and couples, families
with multiple children.
We love each other, and we love this fresh air tinged smoke and
salt, this sand
in toes.

We late-night talk
and jump waves and dry dishes and learn
a Boy Scout way. We look inside
each other’s tents
and it’s like getting a glimpse into a lamp-lit house
on a dark night.

We steal moments to tell dreams
that appear out of darkness like stars
multiplying the longer you

We smile at the kids,
the way they live in this place differently.
Some build dams or dig sand trenches, some
some snuggle
during the daytime in sleeping bags.

Some sit by the fire
just to listen to grownup

We join under branches, around the fire, in
the sand, under the canopy of this
temporary home where we


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