Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday, and I’m meeting up with the community of Five Minute Friday at the Gypsy Mama for some free writing fun. Here are the rules: follow the prompt, no extreme editing, write for five minutes flat and encourage the person who linked up just before you. Would you like to join?

Today’s word is CHANGE.


I feel change.

It pushes cold through my stocking feet laying flat on the front porch.

I feel it in the morning bite that draws me to pull on a hat for a morning walk.

I feel it in the bags of school supplies stacked along our bedroom wall.

I feel it in the setting of alarms to ready little bodies for the shock to the system of next week.

I feel it in the stirrings that move us from I don’t ever want summer to be over to This will be good and I’m ready.

Change like this is gradual, seeping into air, infusing leaves with earthen color. It enters through a hidden door of the spirit.

I don’t jump up and down for the change, but I know in some place of faith that it will be good.

Standing for the first day of school photo with a new outfit and a different smile.

Fresh apple cider and back to school nights.

First days of fifth grade and second grade and preschool for these little people.

The change moves through our world, slow and fantastic at the same time, like an old Disney film, featuring the amazing advances of Technicolor vision.

Across land, across sky, across faces.


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