Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday, and I’m meeting up with the community of Five Minute Friday at the Gypsy Mama for some free writing fun. Here are the rules: follow the prompt, no extreme editing, write for five minutes flat and encourage the person who linked up just before you. Would you like to join?

Today’s word is FOCUS.


It’s one of those weeks where my vision is foggy and fractured. Where I can’t quite seem to find up. It’s one of those weeks where it all feels so important, and I feel like my head is walking around separate from my body.

And my heart.

I wait for news from urgent care after my girl’s fall. We think her right arm is broken and that she’ll have to miss the soccer season, but it turns out just to require a sling for a week. (Grateful.) We wait on words about family, linger in some places of difficult in between, hear reports of loss too devastating to imagine.

Pieces of freelance projects streak past my eyes, and school papers fall into stacks on the counter.

I have a basket of clean sheets that’s sat in my room all week.

I have minor conversations that I keep reliving, and I have bad dreams about worms in fruit.

I am struggling to hone in.

My friends remind me to live simply. Let the other stuff go. Allow things to just float on by.

I remember a prayer retreat several years ago where I learned to think of my distracting thoughts like leaves on the river, and I watched them that day on the Sandy. My thoughts, my worries traveling on down to their home. And that day their home was not me.

Lala and I sit on the porch in the early afternoon sun, and it feels like ripe apples, and I am looking right into her beautiful eyes with their dark lashes. I am tracing the shape of her little feet with my fingers.

The thoughts have floated on by, and there we sit and smile, talking about the trees.


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