On October 3, 2011, I told my first story here. A story of fear. A story of finding perspective. A simple story of childhood and discovering the artist in me.

My feet are firmly on this path now. With you. This examining of small moments to recognize the bigger picture.

This journey of drawing near to God and these minutes, these days. Seeking to recognize places we feel, give thanks, heal, dream, extend, love.

What joy to write. What joy to encourage and be encouraged. What joy to experience the beginnings of beautiful community in a place I never expected.

I’m amazed at a year of this thing an old people-pleasing perfectionist said she would never, could never do.

I can hardly believe how much I love this, how many words still live in me.

And I can hardly believe you are not completely sick of me.

Happy One Year to us.

Thank you for visiting!


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