We five will gather around the early morning
Thanksgiving table,
partly set for family who comes later in the
afternoon and the
food that will spill over,
more than

We will open the thankfulness box that we’ve filled
this month,
slip after slip in child and grownup
words of gratitude, recounting
the more than

Papa and Mama,
a sleepover with Gaga,
dinner with Nana,

God’s help,
date night,
time with cousins and Opa and Oma,

my playdate
pretend fancy accents,
the leaves bright red glowing in the sunshine.

I remind them and they remind me to write it down.

Don’t forget about the
men who helped us with the grocery carts in the hard
rain outside the store,
they say.

We remember and repeat ourselves with our floaty
hearts and the word

say the same blessings to make them new,

finding again ways to say
we are grateful,
so grateful for the Grace that gives
good gifts.

a warm house,
clothes to wear,
protection from the rain,
the ability to give.

This day of final preparations and cleaning and cooking
I can choose to live in the chaos
state or live
first and foremost
hold what is good like those words in my hand,
in front of my face
because perfect is not
the point,

perfect is not the point,

but grace, unearned and abundant,

And that grace, it is for you, too, with your joined hands and
upturned voices around the table of more than enough,
giving thanks,
saying grace,
voicing it aloud to remember.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. I will be taking several days off to spend time with my family. I pray you enjoy your holiday in all its imperfect, grace-filled goodness.

An exciting update on yesterday’s post:
Giving through Pure Charity has enabled The Mercy House project to be fully funded. Woohoo! So now we are able to put our dollars to other charities. See the Pure Charity website for all the options.

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