So much of life is this repeat. Over and over the same meals. Same routines. Same dialogues. Same challenges.

And it can be hard to view it as holy — the everyday mundane moments trickling on past. Then, of course, there are the one-timers that you long desperately to see again. The bouquet in hand, looking straight into his eyes, promising that pledge. Or the dimpled hands of a newborn, the adorable alien look of the 6-week-old, the grin when baby teeth first filled.

You don’t either want to forget the time you walked along the beach with her, and she heard your heart, and you knew you were loved.

One night, I stood on a roof praying for our city with a group of friends. We were bowing heads and praying for God to heal this city, hold this city, and it was then that the flares crossed the sky, arcs of light.

The lines of fluorescent green, the massive sparks of magenta, all those colors. I looked around at the others, heads low, and I wanted so badly to see it again, to show them this manifestation of the unknowable.

That glory color streaking across black.

And here I sit now writing about it, and the flares are crossing my sky again, and maybe you can see it too.

Life is the green and magenta among the ever flowing moments that seem sometimes just like the one before.

Do we tilt heads back in the mist of a roaring waterfall and tire of its beauty? As the same-looking water flows past, do we ask, more water, really? No, it’s the constant. The again and again trickle to thunderous roar that makes it so glorious.

And maybe it’s in knowing magenta and green may just flare across my daily sky that helps me keep showing up.

Because miracles — the one-timers, the everyday — they don’t stop coming, and you never really know what kind you’re in for.

It is Friday, and so I’m joining up with the Five Minute Friday community of friends over at Lisa-Jo‘s. Man, I never know what’s going to come out through these little exercises in free-flowing words. We’d love to have you join in the scary, exhilarating fun. Today began with the prompt: AGAIN.

Five Minute Friday

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