I believe in grace and second chances, the power of sunshine sketches, and I love you with a full heart etched across a napkin and folded into a lunch box between the apples and carrots.

I believe in the wink and the smile, the thumbs-up across the room, the shoulder squeeze, the I’m so sorry, will you forgive me?

I believe in How did that make you feel? and You have such good ideas, and Jesus, hold her close, and Let’s pray and What can we do about that?

I believe in the power of shared meals and communion and stories and questions and the recognition of failings and the ways mixed up mess can be transformed into shimmering beautiful.

I believe in honesty and a life ruled by love and not shame.

I believe in You Are My Sunshine and I’m thinking of you and Take good care of yourself, honey.

I believe in laughing at myself, learning all I can about the world and doing something. I believe in truly considering what makes that somebody tick.

I believe in walks on the beach and running from the waves and body surfing and decorating a pineapple top like a Christmas tree and thinking it might be the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

I believe in nicknames like Golden Face and Honey and Aysh and Sweetheart and Tiggie because someday they’ll be the way I sign my own name without even thinking twice.

I believe in the power of family and friendship and the One who made the bright, smiling glorious sun.

I believe in the power of holding tight and letting go. Of giving and receiving love. Of offering thanks like it’s breath, repeating the same over and over again while looking for something new to really see.


Today’s post is inspired by thoughts and memories of family, a sunshine from my mama that arrived in the mail yesterday and the prompt Believe at Emily Wierenga‘s Imperfect Prose.

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