This love dance between a husband and his wife is sacred, and so it is not mine alone to define each step.

So today I will not tell you what record he placed on the ancient player, but he knew it was the very one I’d love. The crooner singing with a glint in his voice, from another place and time and just right for this one, too.

I will not tell you exactly how he drew me to him, though I may share how he created a cocoon flickering light and that he folded the blanket at its edge into a triangle and triangles always remind me of the one who knows at the point, holding us leaning sides together.

I cannot tell you exactly how he looked at me for that is our moment, but I will say those brown eyes that have laid eyes on me since I was barely 18 revealed another layer of confident and adoring knowing, more than we were capable of in our youth.

I may tell you some of the way he wrapped his arms around me and led me across the floor because he knows how much I love to dance. The way he cupped my cheek and breathed I love you.

And we were bare and seen. Loved in the blessed call and response of years with all those steps that are only ours to know.

Joining up again today with the Five Minute Friday community of friends over at Lisa-Jo‘s. Today began with the prompt: BARE

Five Minute Friday

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