Hello there. I’m popping in tonight with a highly unusual Sunday evening post. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Yesterday, Portland’s skies shined bright, blue and beautiful. It was a most wonderful way to celebrate my birthday with family and friends. The mint chocolate chip ice cream pie didn’t hurt either. Or the karaoke night complete with a rendition of “Proud Mary” by yours truly and my fabulously spunky friend, Barb.

The night was topped off by a date with my hubs at a great Tex Mex spot while “Raising Arizona” played in the background.

I am one blessed lady.

However, tonight I’m not here to chat about the spring weather or my questionable karaoke song selection. (How the heck did Tina Turner do it? I truly thought I might pass out.)

Instead, I really wanted to let you know that on Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th, Multnomah University in Portland, will be hosting the second Faith and Culture Writers Conference. The purpose of this conference is to equip and encourage writers and other creators of art who desire to further explore the places their faith and culture meet.

I am a part of the planning committee, serving as the networking coordinator, and I wrote at the Faith and Culture Writers website about the ways we become weighed down in our creating and how encouragement begins the process of setting us free.

Here’s an excerpt:

Doubt and insecurity can cling heavily to those who experience the stirring to create. Even for those who confidently call themselves writers, the process of bringing forth words can at times breed feelings of discouragement and loneliness.

Writers of faith, like other writers, may ask, “Who cares about what I have to say? Is anyone listening? Do I have something unique to share with the world? Is it worth making myself vulnerable to do it? What if I put myself out there and fail?”

In large part, the Faith and Culture Writers Conference exists to speak to those very places of unbelief and struggle. To proclaim that God is doing a good thing – a new thing – in and through you, as you partner with him in bringing forth words…

Join me there to read the rest of the post.

And, please, if you live in the Portland, Oregon area (or want to take a little road trip), we’d love to have you! Read more about the conference and register here.

Happy almost spring to you, friends. So thankful you choose to meet me in this place.

(Credit: Conference logo artist)

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