Perhaps you are like me, and you find it difficult to pull up the sheets at night because all day long you’ve been pulling out the sheets with the line items, all the tasks to do. And you cross off a line, and feel momentary satisfaction, and then there’s another line and another sheet. Always another layer.

We can feel like failures with all these do’s and not enough us. Though you nearly caught up on the laundry, the bathroom floor is still covered with hair. Though you vacuumed two stories, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded again. Though you made all those phone calls and returned that litany of emails, the messages keep piling.

This world hammers hard, and it shows no signs of stopping, and we might believe sometimes it’s in the work harder, smarter, faster that we will dominate the list and bring this dirty home, this mountainous project into submission.

Yes, we know that sometimes rest is in laying down the paper sheets, or getting under the cotton ones that smell like night. Rest may feel like a reluctant need.

We might even know glimpses of the kind of rest that submits to daytime moments — listening to the music piped across speakers, spying that feather across the path, looking into the eyes of the little one smiling so big as if the whole world were her friend.

Sometimes rest is trust. Sometimes rest is noticing. Sometimes rest is still.

Then, sometimes rest is still working, doing this task without looking ahead to the next and the next. Recognizing the small things as big things. Feeling the ground under your feet, the pen in your hand as you do that thing.

That one thing.

So when we move across the floor or through the neighborhood or to the office, the moving is of a heart at rest. One that beats gentleness.

Yes, you are doing the work, but not through the pounding of obligation, failure fears and anxiety.

Your heart is one beating, loved, loved, loved.

I’m joining up again with the Five Minute Friday community of friends over at Lisa-Jo‘s where we write for five minutes, refrain from extreme editing and encourage one another freely. Today began with the prompt: RESTThis morning, I wrote for five and then had to tinker for a while to make this whole deal make sense. I think I need some traditional body under the sheets kinda rest. Bless you this weekend in whatever forms rest may take for you.

Five Minute Friday


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