You are loved

Do you feel it rattling, stirring, thumping?

Do you recognize it calling from the deep, across the din, through the echoes of these ordinary days?

Do you watch as it runs across the hills and soars through the skies and lands in the sparkling light upon your hair and proclaims that you are made for something?

In the rare moments of still, in that nodding yes, in the open hand cupping, do you feel the God life in you?

For you — you are made for more than the dirge of “not enough” and “not me.”

You, made from holy dust like stars, are made for shining.

Stars pulse with the God life placed within and they glow full luminous, unashamed.

Do you believe your Creator crafted you to shine?

You who are God’s workmanship, you made for good work, might you put aside cynicism and comparison and condemnation and hear this first because here begins the shining, the dreaming:

You are loved.

I just returned from Nebraska — yes, Nebraska — and it was glorious. That’s the place I stayed above. While there, in the company of radiant, shining people, I had the privilege to explore what it means to live a God-sized dream at Jumping Tandem: The Retreat. Over the next several posts, I will be attempting to place parts of my experiences into words for you, for me. (Really, that feels like no small task.)

Today, I want you to know that while I was away, you were on my mind. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the presence of each of you who comes to share words and ideas and glimmers of hope in this space. I love you greatly and thank God for you. Truly, I do.

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