Alex and I at the Denver Airport

She and I walked around the room at this holy reunion, and I hugged long and hard those I’d never met, but already knew. I squeezed them like I’d been waiting my whole long life to see them — these dear ones I’d met through words across a screen.

Here they were now in jeans and little tops, and the hair that covers her face in her picture has two sides, and her smile is so radiant.

Here they came from Indiana and Missouri and D.C. and Alberta. And I learned again what I already knew. That these words released into internet air are heart pulses and flesh and blood, and they are human sisters and brothers bigger than a thumbnail.

And my long time friend, Alex, who used to live in Portland with me — each time I heard her asked, “What brought you here?” her answer was the same.


Alex, my friend who wrote out page by page her redemption story that’s now her book, The Artist’s Daughter. Her journey and her heart bound between two covers had just come out on Amazon days before, and even though she had so much to do in connection with that, still she had come to be with me and meet so many of my blogging world friends and dream.

“What brought you here?” they would ask.

“I wanted to be with Ashley,” she said, matter of factly.

And her words shone like real life treasure.


This is a continuation of my story, reflecting upon last weekend’s retreat in which a glorious group of storytellers and dreamers explored big, ridiculous, God-sized dreams. Thank you for joining me in the telling.

Also linking up with the Five Minute Friday community at Lisa-Jo‘s where we write for five minutes, refrain from extreme editing and encourage one another’s offerings of free flowing words. It was such a joy to meet Lisa-Jo in person and share a meal together last weekend. She is every bit the cheerleader and lover of souls she appears in her internet spaces. Today’s prompt was FRIEND.

Five Minute Friday

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