Heart beat and clock tick,
feet on pavement and
thump of dryer

Grinding beans and whirring
berries and
“Mama, Mama, Mama”
and breath rising and falling
from her bottom

School day mornings and boxed
lunches and
how was your day?
and time for homework
and set the table

Summer mornings and art spread
unbrushed hair ’til noon
and stacks of library books and stretches of minutes,
long and unbroken

Arm circles through water
and feet propelling
scooters and
sticks in
holes and pull of sticky floors

Same and new to fill old
and sometimes lost in
the cadence and then the
woven gold straight through
and underneath
the always thumping
and arms that never
end and
the rhythm of
was and is and
is to come


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday community where we write freely and freely encourage one another’s offerings. Join us? Today’s prompt: RHYTHM.

Five Minute Friday

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