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I am writing in a quiet house listening to the hollow plunk of rain and music about love that never ends. A mug given to me by a friend holds a cup of tepid black tea and sits atop a plate with a fabric teabag that feels just like the thin tights of my childhood. It is the last Harney & Sons variety from the box Mama brought back from Paris.

This is my right here.

And you’ve got your own right here happening where you are (perhaps also known as right there).

For both of us, right here is what we’ve been given. Our now mixed with all we are, all we’ve lived. This present moment. The quiet with the clock’s tick keeping time, the brush of eyelashes, the scramble to get out the door, the sunrise like every shade of citrus, the financial struggle, the sick loved one, the sink once again full of dishes, that Love never ending.

Sometimes I’m happy to savor what is — like this moment of rare quiet doing something I love — and sometimes I’d rather avoid or escape it.

The moments when right here means unresolved sadness or stifling perfectionism or body pain or incessant arguing? Well, then I don’t really want to be right here. I’d like to jump right out of my skin, though that’s probably more painful than I imagine in the moment. Or check out. Maybe check out.

Our lives are unique in their details, and yet they speak to collective stories and lifelong searches so much alike in the big ways. Most all of us this world over are doing our best to survive, wanting to know we’re loved and wanted, wondering what this life is for, desiring happiness and safety for ourselves and those we love, trying to be kind. Each of our lives presents different ways to ask and live out the questions, but we’re all doing it one way or another.

And I see more and more that the ways I handle the small right here moments informs how I respond to the big out there questions.

So, all that’s to say I’ve got lots of thoughts about right here and why it matters. And though I’m not sure exactly what the next 31 days will look like, I do know that I’m committed to showing up, and I’m so glad you’d consider joining me.

Perhaps before we get started, I should provide a little background. Each year, a blogger known as The Nester, hosts “31 Days” — an online challenge to write about the same topic for, wait for it, 31 days. This is my first time, and I’m entering into it with equal parts excitement and fear, which seems appropriate as that’s a lot like life.

I’m quick to count the good aspects of excited, but I’m learning something about the gift of fear, too. When I’m fearful, I am reminded that I am not believing what is most true, that the great mystery can be terrifying and also beautiful and that I am not in ultimate control. And those are very good things for me to remember, right here, listening to the rain outside my window.

I’m so glad to have you on the journey with me.

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