No one told me that 31 Days of Right Here was a euphemism for 31 Days of Kicking Paths Through the House and No Underwear in Your Drawer.

I suppose I should have known, though, because when I say yes to something — the next thing God gives me in this right here moment, it means saying no or not right now, wait to something else.

In middle school, I heard golden words from a wise high schooler:

“When it’s time to play, play. When it’s time to work, work. Don’t always be thinking about the other thing. Be where you are.”

As I’ve looked around at my messy house this week, the girl who heard those words (and did homework while watching TV nearly every day through high school anyway) remembered.

This week, I wrote. I pieced together floor puzzles with my girl. I helped with homework. I made dinner. I met with a friend. I talked with my husband. I eventually washed and folded many loads of laundry.

I tried to do each thing in its own time because that is a huge part of the challenge for me in living right here. To focus on this thing without letting my mind race to the next important thing, following the continual impulse that I should be doing something else.

It’s certainly not going to be perfect, and life doesn’t fit into tidy, neat compartments, but I am trying to enjoy life in its portions.

One day this week I served up my lunch as Lala sat eating hers. I placed each item on my placemat and then walked back to the kitchen to grab something for my girl. From across the room, I realized that without intending, I’d placed every item not on a plate, but in a cup.

My hot water, my leftover chicken pot pie, my applesauce — each in its own ceramic container.

Every portion just a piece of the whole.

This is Day 3 of Right Here. To find all posts in 31 Days of Right Here, click here or see the listing below.

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