Sometimes we don’t want to be right here.

While that is perhaps the most obvious statement of the century, it’s true that one of the greatest hindrances to being right where we are is that sometimes, for seemingly small or large reasons, right here is not a place we want to be.

Over the next two days, two stories about the fight to stay right here and the grace found in staying put.


I’ve known some whining in my day, and I can outright tell you it is one of the most trying parts of motherhood for me.

I have one daughter who doesn’t major in the whine. She’s more a drive hard with your opinions and lawyerly arguments kinda gal. And another who whined hard for years, though we never could figure out the pay-off. And a third who doesn’t often whine, but when she does, look out because she’s got stamina, people.

In the grand scheme of things whining is minor. Life is filled with hardships that put whining to shame, but sometimes it’s the daily nits, ticks and irritants that make it most difficult for me to stay right here.

Big pains and losses will likely cause me to lean hard upon God because I am so aware of my inability to navigate and endure alone. But the small irritants of life that seem so petty — those are the situations I’m more likely to try plowing right through.

So on an average Thursday morning, when hardcore whining commences, growing in intensity with the hours, I put on my just-keep-it-in-perspective hat, give myself an internal pep talk: This is no big deal. It will pass. Go to your happy place. Ignore it. Focus on something else. 

I employ my strategies — pretend I don’t hear it, give alone time, redirect to gratitude. Nada.

The grating moans and long suffering baby voice do not ever stop for long and continue pummeling me like an unrelenting rust storm.

Perhaps largely due to my highly sensitive, difficult to block anything out natureI cannot ignore the whine, so I try to endure the slow moving corrosive force it is. Check my phone for distractions. Eat chocolate. Hide.

Sometime in the midst of enduring, the words right here pop into my awareness, and I think it might be a good time for an experiment, as I’m telling you all about right here every single day (and at some point, I might run out of things to write about).

First, it becomes clear that we need to get out of the house, and so even when it starts raining hard, I am not deterred, walk to the back of the yard to the stroller’s shelter while telling myself, It’s ok. Be where you are. You’re alright. It hurts, but you’re doing what you need to be doing.

I tell Lala to get her coat and boots on, and I wonder how I am going to endure more complaints about the weather and the stroller that is borrowed and “not even ours.”

And then I remember something I’ve been forgetting — namely God. Hello.

How’d I miss the Power and Grace that extends from grandest canyon to smallest creature?

Well, I had. 

I pray:
Thank you, God, that I’m not alone.
Help me, God.
Help me find beauty in this. 

On the return walk to the house to get Lala and lock up, I spy the raspberries I’d walked right past before. These jewels always surprise me when they hang from the branches so late in the year, but here they are again.

Deep, ripe, huge berries uneaten by bugs or mildew.

I stop in the pelting rain. Pluck them one at a time and savor slowly — receive the simple goodness of the moment. This provision that sees me right here as juices pop in my mouth.

I eat one after another.

The whining does not stop, but so extravagantly am I fed that nothing could taste better.


Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow. Another epic whine (but not such an epic-ly long story). Let’s just say it’s possible that whining doesn’t belong exclusively in the realm of children.

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