GodsPowerInTheMeadowGracious, loving Creator,
the one called Great I Am,
the powerful All Here Spirit
who sees and searches and

You who are keeper of the seed,
stillness of mountain lake
and power of oceans,
you who whisper in the infant’s ear
and are voice in the desert speaking,
this is the way, walk in it

Thank you
thank you that you see through spinning universe
to this moment,
to us in all our shivering humanity,
all our successes and failings,
these holey rags

God, please forgive selfishness,
short-sightedness, arrogance, pride,
rejecting human limits as something to despise

May we remember our very smallness and draw near to you,
giver of life and breath,
you who stills and grants patience that we may listen,

Creator of sky and meadow, human soul and body,
might you give eyes to behold grace and
the value of life through yours

Might you give fingers to count gifts
and hearts that would beat with your drum

Might you help us remember
our own weakness and need,
Might you help us remember
the grace of our full wells to
pour salve from the bucket

And God may we love the ones most difficult for us to love,
help us

Make comfort bringers,
story listeners,
soul lovers of us by the miracle
that is


This is Day 16 of Right Here. Throughout October, I’m joining with a community of bloggers (over 1,500 strong with The Nester), in which writers post each day in exploration of the same topic. To find all posts in my 31 Days of Right Here, click here, or see the listing below.

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