I love and am loved through the sorting, spraying, washing, drying, folding.

The day in, day out task that is never done, but needs done anyway.

This nagging aggravation, this blessed gift.

The piles shout, the tangle of pants, shirts, fabric napkins and socks themselves evidence of provision, play. From the linoleum floor, dirt and stains call from whence they came — the soccer game, knees in backyard dirt, meal slurped, life grabbed by horns.

On Fridays, she comes. My mother-in-law with the beautiful olive skin and salt and pepper hair. The spunky woman less than 5 feet who raised four boys into adulthood and knows her way around a laundry room.

While I work at the office, she prepares loads and suds, times other activities so she can fold and place clothes in drawers. Never asking thanks or attaching strings, simply seeing and doing the part she chooses in this family task that never ends.

Every week, Mom blesses as she notices and remembers the chaos of early days and all the piles. She digs hands right into our mess mounds and places armfuls in the machine where clean water courses through the fibers of lives lived.


Joining today with Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo Baker’s where this week readers raised $5,000 in less than 12 hours for a community water and laundry project in South Africa! Such good news. I need to be reminded that something so automatic for most of us as the washing and drying of clothing is, for many, anything but simple. Today’s prompt was LAUNDRY.

This is Day 18 of Right Here. Throughout October, I’m joining with a community of bloggers (over 1,500 strong with The Nester), in which writers post each day in exploration of the same topic. To find all posts in my 31 Days of Right Here, click here, or see the listing below.

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