“The giraffe has a long, black tongue,” J reads aloud to Lala.

They laugh as they look at the picture.

J continues, her voice patient and gentle as she reads from the just delivered kids’ nature magazine.

“The harvest mouse is the weight of a pencil. Here, let me go get a pencil, Lala, so you can see what that feels like,” J says.

A moment later, Lala’s feet pad to the kitchen. She is holding a pencil up at me and smiling big.

“Mama, feel this. Can you believe a harvest mouse is so little?”

Lala runs back to the couch.

“The harvest mouse makes a nest the size of a baseball,” J reads. “Wait here, Lala, I’ll be right back.”

J returns from the basement with a baseball, turning it in her hand to feel the size.

“Here, Lala, this is how big a harvest mouse nest is!”

Wow,” Lala answers.

Little feet pad to the kitchen. “Mama, this is the size of a harvest mouse nest!” Lala says, and then runs back to the couch.

I spend so much time teaching my girls how to be together and can feel a failure as they elbow for their own way, gripe about who “always” gets to fasten her seatbelt across the car’s center row first, when they ignore and boss and pick.

All of this is learning to be together, too, I know.

But here as I chop vegetables, I hold the tender beauty of right here. My girls reading, teaching and listening, sharing a blanket, a magazine and a simple memory on the couch together, and with me.


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