Only four more posts in this 31 Days of Right Here journey, and I could not have asked for better companions. I am grateful for each of you who’ve stopped by, whether you’ve read often or only once, commented or thought silent thoughts. Regardless, I hope you’ve considered a bit more the gift that is your right here.

Last night, a good friend asked me how I’ve written so many days in a row, and I answered, “It’s God.”

And it’s true.

Each day this month, I’ve held the intention to write, and I show up living as awake as I can be, but truth be told, I am tired of writing and paying such close attention, friends. People do much harder things in this world day after day after day, but this is my right here faith walk, so I keep asking the God of infinite supply to help me.

Help me see these everyday ordinary life circumstances as something more.

I imperfectly hold hands, heart and prayers open and these manna flakes come, and they are enough for each day because they’re what I’ve been given. And then I catch sight of the way God is working through fluttering flake words to provide for another person, and it is miracle. Truly.

Yet, this is what God does.

Of course, not just through me and those who put pen to paper or fingers to keys, but for each of us: we receive and are fed, and we pass on the gift.

This 31 Days of Right Here — goodness, this life of trying to live and stay right here — is not for our own self-improvement and happiness alone. Likely our joy and gratitude will continue to increase as we slow to see, appreciate, live what truly is, but always our gifts are for sharing.

Frederick Buechner said it so beautifully: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

This month, I’ve been feeling the deep gladness and the deep hunger acutely and am asking God how he would have me and my family love and serve, what that might look like in flesh and bone form. I want eyes to see that way.

I do not know exactly how your right here will affect your nudge, push and pull to touch and help and listen and move in the world, but I know that it does and will. These hands we’ve been given are for receiving blessings and then — recognizing we have something to offer — stretching them right on out.

This is Day 28 of Right Here. Throughout October, I’m joining with a community of bloggers (linking up with The Nester) — all of whom are writing each day of the month about a topic of their choosing. To find all posts in 31 Days of Right Here, click here, or see the listing below.

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