The tree shines so brightly this year.

It’s amazing what 800 white bulbs can do to an evergreen.

(I’ve been known to overdo the lights a smidge in the past.)

Much fills our moments, hours and weeks during December, but, as my sister Lizzy and I talked about over the phone today, we’ve got to cling to the why.


And this year, one of my whys snuggles with me for an hour or longer after we drop off big sisters at school, and we sit in the light of the towering noble fir to read Christmas stories. We examine pictures, and I think how different all the artists’ Marys look.

I tell her new and old tales, adding deep voices, leaving off words for her to fill in. We sing and tickle to take breaks. I sip my peppermint tea as we talk about which one at Jesus’ manger bed we’d most like to be.

I say, Mary because I love how she notices everything happening around her and treasures it in her heart.

Lala says, I’d be the duck.

On a Tuesday morning, we snuggle close and read about the Gift and the Light. All that light, and the darkness will not overcome it.


Thinking today about how this is my last Christmas season with a little one to share it with each day at home. Yes, little Lala will be a kindergartener next year. Wow. Just wow.

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