I wouldn’t say he swept in to save me.

It felt more a remembering kind of seeing — a peace that started in the belly and moved to limbs, fingers, toes.

Thirteen years old, sorrow filled, downright hating myself, knowing I couldn’t keep living like this, he whispered hope. Brought joy as a choice held out on light planks into the four walls of my bedroom.

I wouldn’t say he swept in to save me.

Or maybe he did.

Holding me in my seat. Sending the off-duty nurse to hold my hand and look in terrified 16-year-old eyes as my face gushed blood after the high-speed freeway accident. She and her daughter waited with me, called my mama from the massive cell phone and told me firmly, It’s going to be ok, honey. It’s going to be ok.

I wouldn’t say he swept in to save me.

Or maybe he did.

That One who drew near, held my heart there on the carpeted floor of our apartment bedroom as I wept my eyeballs out in despair and fear that I’d always live this way, that I’d never know love’s fullness.

My everyday hero is anything but ordinary — this One who knew me in the beginning, who knows me now. My Jesus who is rushing river, cloud-burning sun — this One who holds hearts and lifts faces and saves. Yes, he does.


Joining with the Five Minute Friday community at the home of Lisa-Jo Baker, whose first and much-awaited book, Surprised by Motherhood, is officially released April 1st. Woohoo! Today’s prompt: HERO.

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