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I’m honored today to share the blogging space of my friend Lori Harris. As is true with those I’ve come to know and call friends through writing out hearts, I hope to one day see Lori‘s face in real life and plant some kisses on her adorable southern cheek.

I am inspired by the honest, soul-seeking, gritty, grace-filled way she shares her family’s journey, moving into the middle of a tough neighborhood, navigating the complexities of poverty and racism with their brood of six children.

She is a beautiful something else. She tells the truth and freely gives encouragement and, though she’s seeking to grow in bravery this year, when I think of Lori, I already think brave.

Lori asked if I would share something following the prompt “If God is real, then…” So this morning, that’s what you’ll see. Would you follow me to Lori’s to read this post? Her blog is so lovely, filled with her gorgeous photography and words. You won’t be sorry.

And, as always, I love you. Really, just had to tell you again this morning.


Here’s an excerpt:

About a year ago I wrote a few lines on a small piece of paper and taped it to the side of our refrigerator. Nothing special about the wording. It’s plain, really, and even though the little white rectangle lives among the visual clutter of inspirational reminders, coupons, postage stamps and family photos, my eyes find it at least once a day. And I pray…

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