BuddiesInTheRink{The hokey pokey with good friends}

We hold space for one other.

To work it out from the knots of the middle. To be unique thinkers and feelers. To struggle and strain and to laugh at our own jokes.

We fill the room for each other.

Packing up boxes and strapping on skates. Sharing coffee and soup. Representing home in the crowd of unknown faces and telling stories with our smiles that say, “I know you, and I see you, and I always have.”

We make room.

For those on the outside looking in. For those with their own stories to tell. For the ways our lives might just intersect on holy ground.

We love.

Even as we grow in understanding how different that looks for each one, how that may change one day to the next. With banana bread, flowers from the yard, a message on the screen, a surprise visit, running in for the big bear hug, silence on the couch or down the sidewalk.

We remember.

Quirks and favorite drinks, wounds and sorrows and joys and milestones.

We forget.

The important stuff and why we became friends in the first place, what makes you tick, how she can make me so mad.

And so we forgive.

We call out the good, agree with hope and do what friends do: love and tell each other the truth…

You are enough. You have purpose. You are beautiful. You have spinach in your teeth.


Hi there. You might have noticed that I stepped away for a bit, but I do believe I’ll have more to share about that next week. Today I’m joining with the group of friends who gather at Lisa-Jo Baker’s to write for Five Minutes on Fridays. You are always welcome to join the ever-expanding circle. Today’s prompt: FRIEND. And today, it took me more than five. I’m a little rusty.

Five Minute Friday

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