{And the winner of “Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-Up World” is…LORI HARRIS!}

Today my daughter, “Sici” (nickname pronounced “See-See”) writes about what it means for her to preserve her childlike faith as she grows up. It started with me asking if she could draw a winner for the giveaway, which led to her asking if she could guest post for me! Such a perfect example of this girl’s spunk, focus and courage.

I couldn’t be a prouder mama to welcome my oldest girl’s words into this space. I learn so much from her each day about walking in confidence and the assuredness of who God’s made us. 

Here’s Sici…

When you talk to someone that is relaxed, calm, comfortable, and realistic with how they present themselves, you get a feeling that what is coming from them is genuine. The same is true when you are talking with God. He wants you to be real with him and be where you are.

Kids in particular are very good at this, being authentic in the presence of God. They don’t speak in fancy or intelligent ways. They are just there with Him.

As a 12-year-old, I have experienced times when people are trying to impress through their presentation or teachings. I find this relatable, as all of us can be self-conscious at times, but also so confusing.

Why would we try to be impressive in front of the one who made us?

God sees us on the inside and knows when we are using big vocabulary to show off. When we do this, we aren’t being real with ourselves. Or anyone else. So how can we be more like kids? I am not going to rush it for myself, but how can adults be more like children when they are with Jesus?

Like in middle and high school when people are being more influenced by what others think, we — teens and adults — can be influenced by what the world wants. “I can’t have time with God today, I have to work/calm down/write/talk/play/do something other than this.”

Parents and teachers told you, “Be who you are.” Yes, be who you are, but be who you are in Christ.

Forget what you are “supposed to be” and be who you are in God. Like a toddler. Do they care that they are dancing and singing in their underwear? No. And neither should we. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Will you dance and sing in your underwear or have a tea party with your face covered in colorful handprints from finger painting gone awry? Probably not.

But will you be genuine in the presence of God and do what he asks you to do?

That you can do. And that is what He wants you to do.

“Sici” Larkin is in the seventh grade at her K-8 school. She loves soccer and dancing. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, writing, making creations with her Rainbow Loom, collaging and reading.


Congratulations on winning “Playdates with God,” Lori! Let’s chat, and I’ll get your address there on Avent Street, so I can send this book to you pronto. You are going to love it!

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