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Hello, dear friends. I posted this short piece yesterday, but was having some technical problems on the blog, so many subscribers didn’t see it. This is for you today — if you’re wandering, feeling overwhelmed or are grateful for light come down. Merry Christmas, dear ones.

I met Christie Purifoy through our common friend, Shelly Miller, when we were a part of a team of writers (led by Shelly) called Living the Story. Though Christie and I have never met, I look forward to the day we can connect face to face. Christie writes exquisitely from her old brick farmhouse in Pennsylvania and is a kind, thoughtful and deep soul, filled with wisdom and much grace. It’s an honor to share my words at her blog today

We drive I-5 through Oregon’s mid-section, far from major cities, and the sky is pitch, punctuated occasionally by lines of Christmas lights and the glow of solitary windows.

For hours, days, anxiety has coursed through my body, and now in the silence of our car, I feel I may succumb to overwhelm – so many details and inadequacies pressing down on my shoulders, shouting through the quiet.

But the light finds me in the calls of the dark, and then my eyes are downright searching for the light – this steadying hand, this hope slicing through.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Out the window I see a curtain of pitch night, and then a parting to reveal the light. Light, light, light. Night.

As we follow the winding freeway, I wonder at those who traveled hundreds of miles on foot and animal back, following the light, not a road, to their destination. Keeping course by the new star on a journey itself until it came to the One worthy of all praise.

Continue reading here at Christie’s Advent series…

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