When you wake in the morning with first thoughts of
fear for tender lives in your care,
or with the day’s tasks
racing past your face on a hopped-up assembly line,
or with pain over that relationship
or horrible misunderstanding,
and all you can do is sort of groan-pray-worry;

when you sit in the dark quiet and feel your own
weakness press like a heavy hand on your chest,
and you wonder how you’ll muster this day;

when you wonder if you matter and if you’re
even noticed, and if you’ve made
a terrible mistake,
and you can’t stop thinking about that hurting
soul or all the murky, lurking what-ifs.

When you doubt — you are loved,
when you question — you are loved,
when you don’t want to rise up out of bed — you are loved,
when you struggle with the unanswered and
the daunting do’s — you are loved,
when you realize your weakness or recognize your strength — you are loved.

It’s simply who you are.

When your life feels small almost to disappearing,
when your heart is hurt near to crumbling,
when you want to remember hope, but it feels lost in the folds —
you are loved, held,

Well, you just never know what five minutes will hold. Happy to be joining the Five Minute Friday community at Kate Motaung‘s place again, for the first time in SO long, with today’s prompt: WHEN.

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