Gather 2

i am scattered bits,
disconnected, harried, shaken
and God bids
walk, listen

birds call and caw and pound,
woodpecker makes morse on a hollowing limb,
crow open beak screams from a high branch,
lark song rises praise

i am like the birds

i flit, dart from a branch to another, another,
and my girl’s body, her eyes hold the same weariness
i wear like a coat,

and we lay down for a few minutes

world waits while i scratch her back
and hum low,
stresses of bodies melting into the
feather bed and spaces between

we remember that God is mother hen
gathering chicks under her downy skirts,
God is shepherd,
gathering weak lambs to himself,
God is healer and helper and lover of souls

in all spaces between

Joining with Kate and the Five Minute Friday lovelies for today’s prompt: GATHER.