Hi friends,

There’s so much I want to share with you about this last week, but for now a small story.

Today, I scraped myself up from bed, ate something small that still made me nauseous and pulled together the best it’s-gorgeous-and-75-flipping-degrees-in-Portland-in-March-and-I’ve-had-the-flu-for-days-outfit I could muster. I pulled on a tank top and cardigan, hoop earrings, a swishy skirt, some sandals and, to disguise my bedhead, a scarf (an unusual choice for me, given my particular hairstyle, but not unheard of on certain kinds of days).

I thought perhaps, even without any makeup at all, I was sort of rocking it – especially given the week I’ve had.

I drove to the girls’ school, dropped off Lala’s kung fu clothes in her locker (because a friend would be taking her) and walked into her class to let her know her uniform was there and to remind her of the afternoon’s plan. I usually volunteer Thursday afternoons, but today, being sick, I had cancelled and only wanted to pass on some details to my girl.

Lala was kneeling on the floor, deep at work on a poster. I got her attention and told her what she needed to know.

“Are you still sick, Mama?” she asked, giving me a quick once-over.

“Yes. Still not feeling good, honey.”

“Ohhh,” she said. “OK. Bye, Mama.”

I hugged her and turned away, feeling accomplished at this one small thing I’d been able to see to the end this week.

And before I reached the door, I heard her announce to the group assembled around her on the floor: “The only reason my mom is wearing a bandana in her hair is because she’s really sick.”

I managed to smile sweetly at the group of first graders that turned my direction at that moment. In fact, though part of me wanted to tear off the head covering, the other part of me was quite sure in that moment I had actually rocked it — in that unique way only a mama who’s embarrassed her kids knows.

I hope to be back here again soon. Also hoping to eat something more than little bits of bread, yogurt and apples. And talk to my girl about our interaction. Would welcome any and all happy thoughts and prayers. 

*** Follow up: Lala informed me that she needed to tell her classmates the reason for my attire because as I was leaving the room a girl asked, “Why is your mom wearing a bandana? Did she just come back from tennis?” ***

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