certainty is not our
promise, rather
knowing God is leading us

it is good

I say I believe,
but do actions show otherwise,
as I pull out a compass
in disappointed frustration,
an exasperated
now what?

trusting more in the fact that I’m owed

do I see turns and twists
as mine to conquer, blow
straight lines through,
armed with explosives,
confidence and
grand plans?

am I so trained on my path
that I miss you on yours,
barely nodding at your
journeying reality —
failing to offer you
a spot of ground to sit
a while?

may we be set to the
voice that is not map,
not guarantee,
but gentle whisper
over the shoulder
so we can hear when it says,

this is the way,
keep walking


Joining with the Five Minute Friday community and today’s prompt JOURNEY.

Note: As part of my spiritual direction program, we used the term “journeying reality” to refer to the place a person finds him/herself right now. Conversations that matter are preceded by seeking to understand this current place of the soul and meeting people there. Bless you in your journeying realities today, friends.

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