31 Days 2013: Right Here


During the month of October, I’ll be writing 31 Days of Right Here. Though the particulars of our right heres are different, I figure you and I have some things in common. Maybe, like me, you’re noticing that the ways you handle the small right here moments informs how you respond to the big out there questions.

This month, I’ll be exploring what happens when I live presently and show up to this very life I’ve been given. Why is this so hard? What is true in this moment? How am I responding to who and what is right here? What does that mean about the way I live beyond these walls?

Lots of questions, maybe a few answers along the way. Won’t you join me?

An introduction: Welcome to 31 Days of Right Here

Day 1: For You, Too

Day 2: Fear’s Invitation

Day 3: My Portion

Day 4: Five Minute Friday – Write

Day 5: Rise and Shine

Day 6: My Joys Mount As Do The Birds

Day 7: A Mother’s Fierce Love

Day 8: When Life’s A Mad Rush – How To Slow Time

Day 9: The Fight For Right Here Told Through Two Tales Of Epic Whining (Part I)

Day 10: The Fight For Right Here Told Through Two Tales of Epic Whining (Part II)

Day 11: Five Minute Friday – Ordinary

Day 12: When Right Here’s A Mess

Day 13: O God, We Thank You

Day 14: The Date That Almost Wasn’t

Day 15: One Thing That Makes Us Human

Day 16: That We Might See And Remember

Day 17: In Which I Hit A Wall

Day 18: Five Minute Friday – Laundry

Day 19: When You Can’t Hold All The Moments

Day 20: Let Me Walk In Beauty

Day 21: Tend This Seed

Day 22: Just One More Click Away

Day 23: A Reset

Day 24: What We Hold

Day 25: Five Minute Friday – Together

Day 26: The Middle School Dance

Day 27: A Prayer For Hands, Mind And Heart

Day 28: On Cupped Hands And Giving From Right Here

Day 29: What You Might Say When There’s Nothing New To Say

Day 30: What We Feel, How We See

Day 31: I’m Not Writing Tomorrow! And Some Final Thoughts On 31 Days Of Right Here

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