Connecting through the power of story

Welcome! I’m so happy you’ve found your way here.

I’m thinking about you today.

Wondering what makes you come alive.
What burdens you.
What wakes you early.
What causes you to stay up late.

I’m imagining what brings a smile to your face and what fills your eyes with tears.

And I’m wondering if that feels buried. Buried under emails and piles of paper and laundry. Perhaps you’ve lost your footing a bit, struggling to see why your life matters and how the everyday moments fit into a bigger story.


I hear you, sister.

I began writing, mentoring and speaking to connect, to help myself and others unwrap purpose in everyday, ordinary lives and ultimately remind us that none of us is alone.

My desire is that you would find this to be a safe place. A place for a moment of pause, a breath of encouragement, a bit of grace and wisdom, a reminder to rejoice for the small, everyday things that are not so small after all.

I hold a deep passion for story,

born partly out of my experience as a journalist and public speaker, partly through my immersion in the stories of others as a social worker, mom and small group leader.

Over the years, I’ve struggled with depression, deep insecurity, anxiety and near-crippling perfectionism, which I’ve written about here on the blog. In a way only a Master Author could map, I now see those seemingly broken parts and pieces as God’s redemption ground. The means by which my own life’s story has become one infused with joy, peace and hope.

In my everyday, I am a mama to three daughters, who span elementary to high school, and a wife to one – Michael, my husband of 18 + years. I volunteer at my girls’ schools and in our church and serve in inner healing ministry. I write, speak to small and large groups and engage in soul conversations that help uncover the words that uncover the themes and chapters that reveal the stories, which make up our lives.

I couldn’t be happier that you’ve gathered around the table to share a meal and a story. Pull up a chair.

Thank you for visiting!


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