The breath catch of spring

One would be wise to notice the breath catch of spring not because it is revolutionary in the way of something never seen or thought before, but because it is the same as last March and the one before, what grace One would be wise to apply spring's wisdom to her own...

Five Minute Friday: SLOW

every day i wake slow, gone the days of feet to floor with grand plans these are the days of ordinary and first things, a need for quiet i shuffle downstairs in my cozy wrap and wool slippers, our bed quilt thrown across my arm i start the day with two cups of french...

Five Minute Friday: SAFE

Every pulse of my being desires to keep her safe. Draw her up close and not let go. Surround her with covers and the tenderness of my mama arms, stroking her tired head, rubbing her sore tummy in circles. I am still drunk on coziness, the wonder of stories read on...


the house falls quiet on a rare afternoon all three girls spinning in their spheres and me alone with my dog, who entwines herself around my feet as i light a candle and chop vegetables carrot coins and kale chunks, onions and shallots -- these ordinary elements that...

Five Minute Friday: JOURNEY

  certainty is not our promise, rather knowing God is leading us somewhere, and it is good I say I believe, but do actions show otherwise, as I pull out a compass in disappointed frustration, an exasperated now what? trusting more in the fact that I'm owed...

Five Minute Friday: TEST

In a week, we're presented with so many opportunities to live out what we believe. Or not. As I'm learning more all the time, some of the habituated responses in my own life make change difficult. My body responds by memory. I'm literally working to forge new paths...

Five Minute Friday: COLLECT

We are on the third (or maybe fourth) leg of our afternoon school pick-up, which means "Lala," Clementine and I have been sitting in the minivan for a while now. Big sister "J" should arrive any moment with her middle school carpool. From our waiting spot, back at the...

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