Made to be birds

don't you remember what it was like to swim the air, float on open sky, alight on branches and sing your wild heart out to dwell at night in the shadow of parent wings, the honey warmth of feather's nurture? somewhere you began to give away the shelter, your song for...

The Bridge

We gathered on a rainy Saturday afternoon at the visitor's center for a hike to Terry Riley Bridge and the ceremony that would take place there. As rain fell and mud mucked, second grade Daisy scouts anticipated becoming Brownies. Under raincoats, the girls wore the...

Five Minute Friday: LISTEN

The very lilt of listen implies peace and comfort, deep breaths in and out, but don't be fooled: Listening is risky. Yes, you might hear, be still, child. Or maybe just as likely, do that scary thing. Or fold that laundry. Or stop and look in her eyes. Hear what hurts...

Five Minute Friday: HEAL

I've known thousands of ways to heal. Through painted fingernails and facial scrubs, smiles in the mirror, long hugs and hot tears, karaoke and dance, scary risks and laughing hard and loud. Through letting the true me come out, in receiving her right where she is, in...

Everything’s a Story

On one hand I've always been the rule-following sort; on the other, I can't stand being fenced in, and (at least internally) reject being limited, defined or told what I should care about and how. I've usually found joy in this subtle rebellion, in...

Head scarf

Hi friends, There's so much I want to share with you about this last week, but for now a small story. Today, I scraped myself up from bed, ate something small that still made me nauseous and pulled together the best...

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