Places You’ll Find My Words

guest posts Look Up (3/7/12) and When You Don’t Know How to Wait (4/9/13)

SheLoves Magazine
guest post Light in the Hidden Place (8/26/13)

two devotional pieces featured in the book Always There (MOPS, 2012),
articles in MomSense Magazine (May 2013 issue and Nov/Dec 2013 issue),
Mom-E-Mails to 100,000 MOPS members (9/3/12 & 1/14/13),
Valentine’s Day article on MOPS website (2/14/13)

Living the Story team at
Giving yourself permission to create (9/9/13)
Power of the blood (11/11/13)

The Runamuck / Amber Haines
guest post An Abstraction on the Chain (10/22/12)

The Overflow / Alicia Bruxvoort
guest post Redemption Song (Why the World Needs Your Story, Even That Messy One!) (8/28/13)

On Avent Street / Lori Harris
guest post If God is real, then… (2/3/14)

Moments & Invitations / Dana Butler
guest post What Charlotte’s Web Is Teaching Me About Longing (1/22/14)

Six in the Sticks / Nacole Simmons
guest post Cookie Dough in the Morning (6/10/13)

Featured Five Minute Friday writer at Lisa-Jo (for Welcome); featured at Shelly Miller’s blog Redemption’s Beauty (for my 31 Days of Right Here series) and at Jennifer Dukes Lee (for Of clouds, quiet, tears and sunrise); shared by MOPS International (Stomping on ideal)

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