Some Favorite Posts

On hope and redemption: Your redemption songThe Boy, Doors Called Hope and Worship

On embracing imperfection and encouragement: What We Feel, How We SeeA broken and beautiful Christmas and Stomping on ideal

On everyday life: Upstream, Meet Vivian and What’s inside

On marriage: A Letter to My HusbandThe good of remembering and Listen

On parenthood and a mama’s love: Visit, The Middle School Dance, A Mother’s Fierce LoveWhen you’re stretched thin and this is all the Christmas you can musterMy girl is 10, My girl is 7, My girl is 4Mother labor, mother art and On braces eve

On compassion and serving: Paper platesPacking potatoes and Seen

On longing: Of clouds, quiet, tears & sunrise and What Charlotte’s Web is Teaching Me About Longing (A Guest Post at Dana Butler’s)

On sorrow: Silence, Present and What we say to our children and ourselves in the face of tragedy

On community: The people in the blue house, What blogging has taught me about opening the doorThis CircleDrinking from the cup, Welcome and On Trayvon Martin: A Month Later

On growthOn the Occasion of My 20 Year Reunion: A Letter to High School Me and Stretch marks and cinnamon rolls

On worship and prayer: At His Feet – a picture of worship from Luke 7, Power of the Blood, That We Might See and RememberGiving yourself permission to create (at BibleDude) and Hero

On passion and presence: Live fully awake, The Frame and On dreaming and the good of contradictions

On the lighter side: Life on the rinkThe hot cocoa stand and On bears named Bob Costas and other news of the week

On using concrete words to explain something more: The Chain (Guest Posting at Amber Haines’ The Runamuck)The Horse and Cookie Dough in the Morning (a guest post at Six in the Sticks)

On the poetic side: Click here to see my Poetry page.


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